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“How to wear it: The Neon bag”

Neon bags have been a trend for a while now, however they are not for the faint of hearts, carrying around a neon bag can be really tricky. Colors and textures should be carefully mixed in order to not look like a walking neon sign or someone working in the construction. Here are a few tips on how to wear neon bags with monochromatic and colorful outfits.

  Monochromatic chic.

In case you are not used to wearing really bright colors or splashes of neon, a bag is the perfect way to put a touch of color into your outfit without going into colorblocking territory. A neon bag can also be a perfect choice for a formal event or even work, if you combine it with a simple white shirt, white blazer, pants (better go for simple black pants instead of leather if you are going to work) and black pumps.

Playing up with the same color

In case you want to play up with neon colors, but you are still afraid to go overboard matching the color of your bag with an piece of your clothing can do wonders for you. Either its your bag with a top, skirt or jewels, this trend can never go wrong.

Neon color blocking


For the bravest of all, color blocking with neon pieces can work either by a mix and match of bright colors and neon with neutral ones,  either by adding a touch of black and white in a bright/neon explosion of colors.

No matter if you go for color blocking or safe outfits, neon can add that fresh funky touch into your wardrobe, so don’t be afraid: go neon!

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