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Thoughtful & Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Every year people all over the world face the same dilemma… what to buy for Valentine’s Day! You want to give your friends and that special loved one an amazing gift that is different from last year, certain to “wow!” them, and of course do it all without breaking the bank. Sounds easy right? Well, then why do we all have so many issues finding the perfect gift?!

Sometimes a good old-fashioned heart-shaped box of chocolates does the trick, but then again this gift isn’t perfect for every situation. What are you supposed to get your brother or your best guy friend? Not a heart of candies, that’s for sure. And for your gal pals? A card with glittery hearts and “I love you” confetti pieces isn’t appropriate. Here are some fun, even funny, and creative gifts that are suitable for everyone this holiday:

For that awkward prankster guy in your life:

Bad Boy Bag from Spitfire Girl is only $15.

If he’s not really into the “mushy loveyness” day then this is perfect for him.

For your lovely one and only man:

You Owe Me TLC Coupons also from Spitfire Girl, only $5.95!

I saw this on the Spitfire Girl website as well and I definitely had to share it. It’s the gift that keeps on giving; actions speak louder than words!

 For siblings and parents:

Personalized M&M’s! ($15-$45: depending on shipping/packaging/colors & print)

Cute, creative, and of course yummy! These are not your average chocolates! I’ve actually ordered these before and I can personally tell you, they are so perfect! Plus you can order then for any occasion, not just Valentine’s Day.

For your best friend who’s addicted to chocolate:

Hershey’s Syrup Candle from Urban Outfitters, its only $10.

This is a total tease, yet a total delight at the same time! You can never run out of the chocolatey affect with this gift. Just make sure they don’t actually eat it… 

For the fashionista:



Bow Clutch, Pink Leopard Make-up Kit, and Sparkling Heart Pendant from Forever 21… you can get all of this for under $30!

I definitely call this a deal! Also, it’s something I would definitely snatch up for myself too. Check these items out along with other selected Valentine’s Day items from Forever 21 here:

There are endless possibilities of gifts for Valentine’s Day! You just have to stretch your imagination a little bit and you’ll find the perfect present. Happy hunting!

-Abigail Ann

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