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Style Star: Meet Mango

Meet  Mango age: 23 from city LB…
Describe your style: a mix of bohemian sophistication with a touch of classic
Last item of clothing you bought and for how much?
My Payless chunky pumps for only $35 ;]Dream Job? Curator of Exhibition for a progressive contemporary art museum
Your fashion inspiration?
I’m inspired by everything.
Something about yourself most people don’t know:
I like to sing a tune in the car every once in awhile.What color do you own most of: BROWN/BEIGE, I live in that color.
Fav stores:
Salvation Army/Goodwill
One outfit you couldn’t live without?
My pajamas, as much as I love fashion, I am definitely a creature of comfort!Fav designer? Stella McCartney
Fav fashion mag?
French Vogue
Fashion mantra?
Don’t give a damn if people don’t understand your style.Any other info we should know? I’m equal parts foodie as I am style addict.
P.S. I couldn’t help but ask if Mango is her real name! Turns out it’s not… her real name is Mary, while Mango is a nickname her co-worker’s gave her. “I got the nickname from working at a boba tea cafe that had a drink called mango green tea which happened to have the same acronym at the store as my real name. When I was training, I made so many because it was the stores best-selling drink and so to tease me, my coworkers named me that. That was during my freshman year of college.”
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  1. Yes! you look exceptionally well in brown and beige I appreciate the pop of color with the red Margo. I would love to hear what you are doing to make you curator dreams come true. If you a can send me a bio with 4 to 6 great fashion photo’s maybe you can become a Girls Best Friend Beauty and earn a $50 gift card to Nordstrom. BTW what city is LB.Is that Long Beach??

    • Hi! Thanks for your interest in me ;] My nickname is actually Mango, just like the fruit! I just emailed you for more info ;]

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