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Leather + Lace

Jacket|Mom’s  Dress|Gifted  Pumps|Nine West  Necklace|Forever21 Bracelet|Ring|Gifted

The story behind this dress is that it was a gift from a past teacher of mine. This dress was originally hers from when she was a little older than I am right now. She wanted me to have it because she knew about my strong interest in fashion and clothes. This gift is very special to me; it didn’t come from just any teacher, but a mentor. I am so grateful that she’s invested time into me and is always there to give me advice and push me to achieve my dream in a career in fashion.

When she first gave me this dress it was floor length and had cap sleeves. I decided to give it more of a modern take and bring up the hemline, as well as turning it sleeveless. The dropwaist was kept so that I could still maintain some of its original personality.

Now, I just have to figure out where to wear it. Any suggestions?


All photos were taken by Surya L. 

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