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Old Things New

T-shirt: Zara                                                                                               Ring: Forever21
Today I thought I’d pull out some things I haven’t worn in a long time, or ever! I’ve been trying to find a way to wear this tan vest that I bought a while ago at Salvation Army, but every time I tried to pair it with something, it just didn’t look right. I like that it works for this outfit because it frames the necklace (Christmas gift) and it also framed the belts (Charlotte Russe). I honestly cannot remember the last time I wore these jeans from New York & Company. Oh, and these shoes! They’re BCBG and I usually only wear them for special occasions. I decided to wear them though, because I like the way they complement my necklace. 
So anyways, this was kind of a fun challenge for me; bringing back old clothes and making them new again is a great way to break from your everyday wardrobe pattern. 


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