New Year’s Hairstyles

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and I bet you’ve already got your fabulous outfit planned for a night out. It’s gorgeous, shimmering, and fits you perfectly. But, of course, nothing helps make an outfit like a glamorous hair style. So, what are you planning on doing with your luscious locks? Well, if you’re planning on wearing something inspired by Niyah’s post (seen here:, then I can offer you a few ideas.

  •  Look #1:

Curls. Beautiful, imperfect, gorgeous curls. Whether it’s natural or not, curly hair would go perfectly with this look. It adds the perfect touch to the outfit by adding a hint more softness. How to get it:

Curl your hair whichever way you prefer (irons, curlers, enhancing spray, etc), and set it with hair spray. For an edgier, messy look, I’d suggest Aussie’s scrunch spray. For a more polished look, use your favorite shine spray (the stronger the hold, the better!).

  •  Look #2:

Go with a sleek, straight style for this one. The outfit is already edgy, and anything else would seem overdone. For an easy, sleek style, use something like L’Oreal’s EverSleek frizz taming serum, and then flat iron. It helps keep flyaways to a minimum, and keeps your hair soft and smooth.

  •  Looks #3 & #4:

Another place where sleek comes into play, but in an up-do this time. These looks are incredibly gorgeous (I’m a sucker for lace), and they need styling to match. After using a shine serum to calm your locks, use a flat iron. Then put your hair up in a tight chignon or bun. It’ll be the perfect addition to your ensemble, whether it’s lovely in lace or revamped in red.

  • Look #5:

Basically, the same as look #1. Curls do go good with almost everything, and it adds a girlish twist to the metallics and glitter.


– Make sure whatever you put in your hair isn’t too heavy. Product build-up can really rain on a good hairstyle.

– If you’re going to go sleek and straight for New Year’s, make sure your hairspray locks out humidity.

– If you’re going to a party or a club, I’d suggest bringing a clip or a pin, just in case. It can get really hot in there – especially if you’re wearing you hair down.

I hope you start off your new year feeling great, and ready to take on 2012. Enjoy your night!


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