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Tis the Season of Gifts and Sharing

‘Tis the season of gifts and sharing ….

Christmas means so much to me on a personal level, the whole world seems happier and mistakes are forgiven and smiles light up everyone’s faces… but like anyone , gifts are a major part of my Christmas’ joy of giving.

 I’m the biggest Clarins fan and every Christmas they come out with the greatest gift packs. Skin care is very important to us ladies Clarins has the best skin care in my personal opinion.. Easy to carry around and at the best price!! Great for travelling and your skin will have the beautiful healthy glow that you always dream about….

 Winter leaves our skin chapped flaky and dry right? Not with Satin Hands!! The pack consists of-

 1.     A Satin Hands Hand Softener
2.     A Satin Hands Peach Exfoliater
3.     A Satin Hands Hand Cream

This guarantees smooth beautifully fragrant hands! I use it and I’ve often been complimented on my baby smooth hands. It a great gift to gift your loved ones! It only costs $34 for the set – a literal steal!

MAC’s Paint Pot Metallic’s are the perfect makeup giveaway as they are right on trend and oh so pretty on the eyes. The Dangerous curve is the perfect metallic purple and will enhance any sexy smoldering eye.

It comes in the cutest little box and is easy to store and NEVER SEEMS TO GET OVER!!
This little baby is only for Rs 1050 

“Yummy! Are they cupcakes?” No, they are Lip glosses courtesy of the creative geniuses of NYX Makeup. Oh you have no idea how much a flipped out when I saw these… I bought 1 for each for me – and the comments I get when people see them warms my heart . And just look how colourful they are!

Now enough oohing… These are lip glosses in different colours and come in a package of 4. It perfect to pack and OH SO PRETTY!

 Ladies believe me when I say that I’m a beauty hog. I spend my days at beauty counters wide eyed and alert for the latest trends and products. My Beauty Guide consists of top products that will light up anyone’s Christmas!!


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