Holiday Makeup Looks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! What does that mean? The holiday magic is kicking in, and we certainly want to look like it. Here’s some tips on how you can look good without the help of any magic.

What’s in this holiday season is a calm, classic look to match your super-chic outfit. Red lips, gold shadow, and shimmer are all something to try out this year (but not all together, you don’t want to look like clown). I’ve pulled together a few looks to help balance out these ideas. Here’s together 3 different looks, for 3 different events.

 Look #1: family gatherings

For your skin, stick with a smooth, matte  complexion, and a light blush. It’s always best to keep your skin looking as natural as possible. For your eyes, start with a natural beige color for a base, then apply a light golden shimmer, focusing on your inner corner and lid. This will make your eyes look and shine a little bit brighter. Use a nice mascara and stay away from eyeliner. Opt for a nude or neutral color on your lips. This look will make you look gorgeous without a lot of makeup, which is definitely the key to impress your relatives or in-laws.

Look #2: night out

Stick with the rules of look #1 for your skin and eyes. A touch of shimmer may work for this look, but only a little! You want your eyes to be as neutral as possible, which means no eyeliner; just mascara. For your lips, red is just right. Use a light, or medium, or deep shade – whichever goes best with your skin tone. It’s just the right mix to make you look as irresistible as your are festive.

Look #3: gift shopping

Once again, your skin should look smooth and matte. You want this look to be simple and easy to handle, because you don’t want to be worrying about feathering lipstick while you shop for your loved ones. For your eyes, metallics (golds, bronzes, silvers) and plums are my favorites. Opt for whatever fits you and your outfit best, and avoid lipstick.

More Tips:

  • Bold outfit = calm makeup, and vice versa.
  • If you tend to have dry skin, moisturize before heading out into the winter snow.
  • Bring oil blotting papers! Trust me, these things save lives.
  • When using lipstick, always use a lipliner and set with powder.
  • Don’t forget to set your eyebrows!

 I hope these tips help you look your best this holiday season. Have fun, and stay warm!


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