What Beauty Product Would You Buy For $10?

Maybe you’d buy an eyeshadow palette, a few eyeliners or a lipstick… or you could have it all! For $10 a month stylists of myglam.com will handpick 4-5 top beauty products and send it to your door in a stylish glam bag.

Here’s how it works:

For those of you who are beauty gurus and watch makeup tutorial videos on YouTube, you’re probably very familiar with Michelle Phan. She’s the creator, and one of the stylists that will be handpicking beauty products for you!

I think this is a really cool idea! Be sure to check out the site and sign up for amazing beauty products, videos and an interactive community. I am about to start the beauty quiz now!

8 thoughts on “What Beauty Product Would You Buy For $10?

  1. Niyah I am reading allll of your blog today, but I got mine in the mail and I didn’t think anyone else knew about it. ❤ Michelle Phan so muchh

      1. I think everyone got the same stuff for December but it was still awesome it was packaged in like this metallic pink envelope, and the actual my glam bag is really adorable too. My favorite thing was definitely the urban decay primer potion, I’ve been wanting it forevvver.

      1. after you take the quiz, there should be an option to sign up. Try logging in with your new username and password. i am sure there will be a place for you to actually put in your address and pay

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