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Interested In Writing For Inexpensive Chic?

*Please note Melanie will still be writing for the Beauty Section. I am looking for another writer in addition to her! If you have any questions about this feel free to email me.


  1. Lilly says

    I’d love to. I’m very experienced my name is Lilly Harper and I love anything to do with makeup or fashion so please email me for
    Me to write for your blog!!

  2. Hey girl I’m definitely interested! I currently have a tumblr ( and a polyvore (petitoignon) but I don’t really write about fashion per se. I’m a communications major in school and def think I can do it! just let me know 🙂

  3. Miriam Horowitz says

    This seems like an awesome opportunity!! Thank you for sharing! I would love more details, please! I write for my high school newspaper, but I’m not eighteen; would that sway any eligibility here?
    email me with information please!

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