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What to Wear if You’re Pear-shaped

Tonia emailed me yesterday with this question: “I’m a freshman and don’t know much about clothes and how to dress my body. I do know im a pear shape but i never know what to get when I go shopping and I don’t want to spend too much when I do go shopping. Can you help me?”

Dear Tonia (and the rest of you who share the same body-type as Tonia),

Since you’re pair shaped your main goal is created the illusion of an elongated body. You can do this by wearing dark or solid, slimming colors on bottom. As a pear, it’s about drawing the eye away from your bottom/hips and more towards the top. Bright colored/printed tops and paying attention to details at the neck is a good way to do this.
Some other tips for you:
  • Stay away from capri or tapered pants. Flares are great for your body type!
  • Tunics and dresses can help you appear to be taller
  • Jackets (especially ones with a detailed neckline or structured shoulder) are great! Go for ones that end past the hips, not at the hips.
  • Experiment with different necklines
  • Show off your shoulders! (Off the shoulder tops, shoulder cut-out tops, ruffles, puffy sleeves)
I hope these tips help! On your next shopping trip think about purchasing scarves, printed tops, boyfriend blazers, necklaces, flare jeans, black jeans, ruffled tops, skirts in dark colors (bodycon?).
All of the clothing I used to create this outfit is $50 or less… You can see the individual prices for each clothing item/where to get them at this link:
Not pear-shaped, but still unsure about what looks best for your body type? Email me at with your body type, description of your personal style and age. I’d love to help!
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