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Picture Day

Today was picture day! The day everyone spends a ton of time picking out the perfect outfit, applying makeup and perfecting their hair… all for a 2 second *click, click.*

I wanted to wear colors that really popped with my skin tone so it would compliment me best. For me, those colors are warm (i.e. yellows, oranges and reds). The dress (H&M) incorporates a lot of those colors and it’s tied together with a bright orange cardigan (Forever21). I kept at it with the bright and bold theme, and layered my bluest pants underneath (Aeropostle). I knew I wanted to wear some sort of gold accessory, so I piled on the bangles (Forever21). For some reason I got the idea to pile on some colorful beaded bracelets as well- I liked the effect! Lastly, I tucked my jeggings into these calf-high riding style boots (DSW).

I was featured on the fashion blog “Fashion Without Borders!” Check it out:



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