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Dress For Your Body Type

Dressing for your body type is a very important factor in looking your best. No two bodies are the same, therefore the same dress may look different on three different people. Below I’ve listed some general dressing tips for each body type below. Keep in mind that you may fit in more than one category. For example you could be both petite and have an hourglass figure; don’t be afraid to apply combinations that may match your body more specifically.


  • Create the Illusion of fuller bust and hips by defining the waist. Do this by wearing cinched dresses, belts and dropped waist tops. Wear V-necks to accentuate cleavage.
  • Add lots of femininity with ruffles, pleats, peplum, bows and beading
  • Play with prints, patterns and textures to add character.

  • Show off your legs by wearing a mini a few inches above the knee.
  • Highlight your middle
  • Keep your look sleek, don’t wear busy prints
  • Avoid lots of layers so you don’t look layered down.
  • Wear high-waisted styles and floor skimming pants and hemlines.


Full Figured

  • Look for tailored pieces like button up shirts, wrap dresses and v-necks
  • Pick simple tops without lots of embellishments
  • Don’t avoid color, wear jewel tones, rich reds and simple contrasting colors like black and white.

  • Wear form-fitting dresses/skirts to accentuate your figure. They should fall loosely over the thighs/calves.
  • Always define the waist. Wear belts and look for details like beading/ruching at the waist.
  • Show skin in unexpected places like the shoulders and back. Wear halter tops and asymmetrical clothing.
  • Add pops of color mixed within neutrals.
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